Reese Witherspoon Claims Abortion is Constitutional Right

Popular actress Reese Witherspoon is using her platform to protest the abortion ban that many states are adopting.

Ohio and Georgia just passed the heartbeat bill, which bans an abortion once a heartbeat is detected, and Alabama just outlawed abortion in total, unless it threatens the mother's health. These steps are huge for the pro-life movement.

However, there is major opposition from feminists and the left. They believe that the right to murder their unborn children is constitutional. I must have slept through that lesson in my high school government class because last I knew, murder was not a right.

The Legally Blonde star tweeted that the new abortion bans” are “unconstitutional,” “abhorrent,” and “an attack on women’s fundamental rights.”

It's ironic to me, because if the whole "my body, my choice" movement was scientifically accurate, then the mother would be the one to die in an abortion.

"I’m beyond upset about the passing of new abortion bans in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, and Ohio,” Witherspoon said, “This is Unconstitutional and Abhorrent. We can not tolerate this attack on women’s fundamental rights.”

Then of course, she has backing from people like ABC's Joy Behar, who is upset that the laws are being signed by "all men, all white guys." So now the only people who can care about the unborn are white men?

“Can we look at a picture of the panel of men who did this? There it is. Gee, what do they have in common? They’re all men, all white guys,” Behar said, “Maybe we should make it a law that they should all be required to get a vasectomy, that group in particular.”

I am honestly completely dumbfounded that there are people who truly people abortion is for the greater good, and not murder.

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