In today's society, women like me are looked at with disdain from feminists and the left.

I am a woman who is not a feminist. In fact, I can't stand feminism! I am so tired of the "I am woman, hear me roar" rhetoric that is being pushed like crazy.

There is not a gender wage gap, despite what feminazis preach, and there is not a single right I have been denied for lacking a penis.

I do not wear pink pussy hats or march for the "right" to murder my unborn children.

I am not a "nasty woman".

While there is nothing wrong with strong, hard working women in the workforce....I do not wish to be one of them. I am perfectly happy with being a stay at home wife and mother.

So continue to fight for your "equal rights" that you already have, and continue to cry about how all men are trash. However, I will be happily taking care of my babies while my husband works to provide for us. I will gladly wash our laundry and cook our meals. I am thrilled to cook dinner for my hard working man in the kitchen he built for us.

I will not chastise him for "mansplaining" something to me, simply because he is a man who is explaining something.

I will not cry about men holding the door for me, simply because they were raised with manners. Chivalry is not dead, but y'all women are doing your best to murder it!

God did not create men and women for the same roles in life. Women are meant to nurture and men are created to be masculine and tough. That's not to say that women can't be tough or men can't be nurturing. However, I wish feminists would stop trying to plant us on the same playing field.

Men cannot birth a child, and women are biologically created smaller and physically weaker. We are NOT meant to be the same!

Stop trying to make our lives harder! Not all of us want to be seen equal to men and their masculinity. Ladies, being feminine is okay!

So, dear feminists, have fun with your sex strike. The rest of us women will be out here cleaning, cooking, tending the children, and taking care of our husbands' needs at night... all with a smile!

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