Republican entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai is confident he would be on the right side of real Indian vs fake Indian battle. Ayyadurai is a graduated of the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Oh and ever hear of that thing called email? He invented it.

Ayyadurai came from India to America as a child. He is pushing for the Republican nomination. He appeared on Fox Business Networ's 'Varney & Company on Wednesday. The startup king was sounding extremely confident.

Per Milo:

“I’m looking forward to going against Warren. I know how these elites work. I know I can defeat her,” he said, as transcribed by Breitbart.

“I love Donald Trump. I think he’s done a great job. He’s my hero. I’m very fortunate to be part of this moment in history.”

“I think only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian. I sent her a DNA test kit for her birthday, and I was very sad that she returned it. I tweeted it out, and it went viral all over the internet,” Ayyadurai said, referencing Warren’s dubious claim that she has Native American ancestry.

“The issue of a real Indian and a fake Indian — there is a truth there because there is a woman who actually checked off the box that she is Native American. This foretells a person who is basically a self-serving elitist, is willing to cut in line as she needs, is willing to promote policies, for example, illegal immigration, so others can cut in line. I came in as a legal immigrant. My dad came first. We had to wait about a year. So it’s essentially disrespect for the law and disrespect for the country. These people play a very very good game, but they are essentially un-American,” he added.

Watch the high-energy interview with Ayyadurai.

Real Indian vs Fake Indian

What do you think? Does he have what it takes to finally eliminate Elizabeth Warren form the Senate?

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