Upon leaving a Brooklyn bar on Friday night, Jovi Val was assaulted. Why? This man was violently attacked for supporting Trump.

Val's MAGA hat fell off while he was dancing. A woman who was later identified as Emma Rodriguez stepped on his hat and let Val know that she hates the hat and him.

After that Val pushed Rodriguez away in an effort to retrieve the hat. That's when Rodriguez's boyfriend, Leonardo Heinert, smashed Val in the face with a beer bottle and then kept on smashing the back of his head with the bottle.

Man Violently Attacked for Supporting Trump

All 3 of the people involved were arrested and released. It took 15 stiches to close up the massive gash on Val's face.

Doesn't this seem like a story that should have made the mainstream news? This man was violently attacked on the basis of him being a Trump supporter.

Laura Loomer of Rebel TV tried to get some press attention for the story, but she was completely ignored.

Man Violently Attacked for Supporting Trump


When Loomer first asked ABC News about it, they told her, “this isn’t an important story and that if it was they would have heard about it from the NYPD and the hospital since they have contacts there.”

Then the ABC rep asked, “If this was important and actually happened how come we didn’t see it on CNN?” This shows how worthless the news stations are. They don't do any actual reporting. They simply echo what the other networks are reporting on.

Loomer also made an attempt to reach out to Fox 5. They asked her, "Why is this newsworthy?"

The New York Post is usually pro-Trump, but even they rejected this story. They said, “We have too much going on. We are going to pass.”

Imagine if the story was reversed. What if a Trump supporter violently attacked a leftist because of who they support politically. Something tells me that story would have been reported on.

Here is a list of attacks on Trump supporters that was compiled by Daily Caller.

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