PETA announces a billboard campaign targeting Donald Trump Jr. They are calling for the president's son to be deported due to his interest in hunting.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is known for their ridiculous public relations stunts. They were hoping to attract the attention being paid to the immigration debate with this attack. The billboards would be ran in the towns of El Paso and Laredo in Texas.

Per The Washington Times:

PETA signaled solidarity with illegal immigrants surging into the U.S., saying they are asylum-seekers and should be more welcome than the president’s own children.

“While people are fleeing to the U.S. to escape violence, over-privileged, callous, cheating louts like Donald Trump Jr.are flying overseas to gun down living, feeling beings just for fun,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in announcing the campaign. “PETA’s border ad is a reminder that kindness is a virtue and that Central America doesn’t hold all the cards when it comes to mean behavior.”

The organization said its billboards show a photo of the younger Mr. Trumpholding an elephant tail cut from an elephant “he shot in someone else’s country.”

The billboard urges the U.S. to “deport callous cheating opportunists.”

There is never any logic or reason to the tactics of PETA. They do ridiculous things and hope to gain press. Outside of the Far Left, everyone knows how ridiculous this organization is.

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