According to a report from the New York Post, the Obama administration stole and stored American's private bank records. They did this despite many warnings that the data was not being properly protected. Another investigation has been revealed that shows there were 600 million accounts that were being stored on a secret database that have been breached.

This report came from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is where the sensitive information was being stored. It reveals that the government actually has no idea who stole the information. It does know one thing for sure: The databases from the Obama era have been breached more than a thousand times by outsiders. On top of that, there was nothing done about this.

The report also revealed that there has been more than 200 confirmed breaches of personally identifiable information (PII).

Per Conservative Daily Post:

CFPB revealed that there have been more than 200 confirmed breaches of consumers’ personally identifiable information.

Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget chief who also leads the CFPB, told Congress late last year that he believes there’s an additional 800 incidents of hacked information that the bureau lost.

He also said that they haven’t been able to track down the culprits and the information stolen from the Obama-era databases.

The hacks of personal information also go well-beyond Americans private bank records. CFPB admitted it has suffered 233 confirmed hacks and 840 suspected hacks of Social Security numbers and birth dates that belong to potentially millions of Americans.

Many aren’t aware of that Obama created the CFPB, which gave his administration a powerful regulatory agency that can legally scan virtually every financial account held by Americans. The government then collects and stores that information into a secret government database and claims it is necessary as part of the post-financial crisis years ago.

CFPB has records and data on roughly 600 million credit-card accounts and personal data from millions of home, auto, business and student loans. All of this was left vulnerable by the Obama administration as many of the threats were not investigated and the databases were never updated to handle the uptick in breaches and hacks.

Now, Mulvaney said that his agency is working with the Department of Defense to fix the outdated encryption mechanisms used by the Obama administration. The agency is now training employees on how to avoid falling for email “phishing” scams that hackers use to breach government systems.

So because the Obama administration failed spectacularly to take any action, the government has no idea who has Americans personal data. It could be hackers, foreign nations, or even terrorists. And now Mulvaney is forced to clean up another mess because Obama failed to take any action.

Very disturbing stuff. The Obama administration took no action when it comes to securing private data in this country.

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