Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is a man on a mission in 2017. Lately, you can check out his Twitter feed and see Sheriff Clarke is destroying the left. Check it out.

Being a black man who supports Donald Trump, Sheriff Clarke takes a lot of unnecessary heat. Unfortunately for those who try to intimidate him, there is no intimidating this sheriff. He makes this woman look like a fool on Twitter.

Also, Sheriff Clarke is quick to take a shot at Obama. This is nothing new. During the entire Obama administration, Sheriff Clark was extremely fed up with Obama's "war on police." Check out this bold statement he made with regards to the end of the Obama era.

If there was an early point of Sheriff David Clarke Jr. bursting on the scene, this is one of them. This is when he went on CNN and made a fool of Don Lemon. On top of that he completely destroyed the narrative of Black Lives Matter. He gives him the business when it comes to the anti-cop rhetoric that is preached by the Black Lives Matter movement. Check out the video it is unbelievable.

He basically brings Don Lemon to tears. This is a man on a mission.

Sheriff Clarke is Destroying the Left

Sheriff Clarke is Destroying the Left, Sheriff Clarke Trump Shirt

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