These last few weeks in the United States have been some of the craziest weeks I've ever seen in our country in my entire life.

Never would I have thought that we would be in such a destructive and rebellious state. On top of that, who would have thought that our leaders would actually be letting them get away with it?

I mean, it's not surprising that the Democrats are letting them destroy everything because that's what they've been trying to do anything, just on a political level.

Now the left used a heinous action by a Minneapolis police officer to launch an insurrection.

When the rioting and looting started, liberal mayors, governors, and city council members handcuffed their police departments. Officers were stabbed, killed, shot, and assaulted. Los Angeles County recently informed their burnt-out police department that they will not be able to pay out all the overtime the department accrued trying to quell the violence.

Recently, Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard, announced 11 charges against police officer Garrett Rolfe in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, to include murder. Howard said that the taser is not a deadly weapon – except he’s been caught on video claiming it was just two weeks ago – and that Rolfe should not have shot Brooks.

Law enforcement experts around the country have mostly agreed that Brooks left Rolfe no choice but to use deadly force. Even the liberal social just mob though “outraged” by the shooting had tempered their calls to charge Rolfe.

When Howard announced that he was pressing charges against Rolfe Atlanta instantly became patient zero for a new pandemic that will hopefully sweep across the country; the “blue flu.”

The “blue flu” some have said is defined as a strike action, especially among police officers who call off sick. On Wednesday night, only two of the six police zones were staffed. Reports came in that officers on shift during Howard’s announcement drove back to the station and sat in the personal vehicles declaring they aren’t going back on patrol unless an officer assist call goes out. When it was time for a shift change most officers especially in zone 6 called out sick and didn’t show up for work.

As reports were coming in on social media Atlanta Police Department tried to play down the event. Manpower was so low that the Mayor’s office reached out to neighboring jurisdictions to help answer over 500 backlogged 911 calls, all jurisdictions refused and the state police said they would only respond to vehicle accidents. All one had to do was listen to the police scanner to know no officers working.

Text message and comments from Atlanta police officers starting coming in acknowledging the city is covering up the walkout.

But this is not just happening in Atlanta, in New York City it’s rumored that over 600 police officers have decided to retire, in Charleston, SC and other cities across the country residents have complained that police have slowed their responses to 911 calls.

It’s time to push back against the liberal mob who are tearing down America.

As one very frustrated Atlanta police officer said…

I really hope people are watching, and I mean really watching what transpires throughout the country right now. Minneapolis is destroyed, and they call for no police. Seattle has set up their own autonomous zone, and keep in mind that these people are extreme leftists.

What are they doing there? They are setting up borders, defending themselves with guns, conducting searches and seizures, demanding money from white people, and deporting people. They are doing everything that they claim to hate and be against.


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