Nashville Police Drop the Ball, Could Have Prevented Bombing from Happening

Christmas Day was certainly a day filled with many emotions.

Some people were celebrating without some of their family and friends that they lost this year due to the coronavirus. Some people weren't able to travel to see their families.

On top of that, Nashville was rocked by a terrible incident when a man set off a bomb.

Investigators quickly identified Anthony Quinn Warner of Antioch, Tennessee as the man who set off a bomb in his RV trailer Christmas morning.

They did so by comparing DNA on a hat and gloves collected from a vehicle owned by the 63-year old to that from the scene of the blast, according to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director David Rausch.

But one of the biggest problems with this incident is that the police completely dropped the ball on this and could have prevented the entire thing from happening.

While the investigation is underway, documents provided by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department show that Pamela Perry, the bomber's then-girlfriend informed Nashville police of his bomb-making tendencies last year.

Raymond Throckmorton III, the woman's attorney, called the police on August 21, 2019, and told officers she had made suicidal threats to him. Perry was sitting on the porch with two unloaded pistols nearby when police officers arrived at her home.

She told them she no longer wanted the guns in her home and warned them that Antony Quinn Warner was "capable of making a bomb". Both the TBI and FBI were notified by Nashville police that Warner was working with explosives in the recreational vehicle trailer at his home.

The documents, which include a Nashville Metropolitan Police report, seem to show that both the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were notified that the bomber was working with explosive materials and may have been trying to wire a bomb his RV trailer.

He also reportedly made threats consistent with the plan he eventually carried out, but neither city, state, nor federal authorities took action.

“On Aug. 21, 2019, the girlfriend told Nashville police that [the bomber] “was building bombs in the RV trailer at his residence,” the report states, per the Tennessean. “Nashville police then forwarded the information to the FBI,” the outlet adds.

David Rausch said earlier this week that Warner was apparently "more interested in destruction than death" but that the Bureau had no prior knowledge of his bomb-making efforts. The 63-year old, a loner with no signs of a political ideology, died in the explosion that injured at least 8 people and damaged more than 40 buildings.

Daily Wire

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