Due to the terrible sanitation in the city of Los Angeles, doctors believe the city is facing an imminent outbreak of the bubonic plague. The homeless population is growing, human feces are piling up in the streets, and there is a dead rodent problem to top it all off! State and local authorities seem to have turned a blind eye.

Dr. Drew Pinsky said during a Periscope broadcast on Friday that he predicted the recent typhus outbreak in the City of Angels, and he believes bubonic plague is next. The two epidemics are similar in the fact that they are carried by rats, transferred to fleas, which then transfers to pets, and then to humans.

Conservative Fighters reports:

Though commonly recognized as the medieval disease responsible for the Black Death in the fourteenth century, which killed one-third of the population of Europe, the last outbreak of bubonic plague in the U.S. was nearly a century ago, from 1924 to 1925 — also in Los Angeles. Only a “heroic effort” by doctors stopped it, Dr. Drew recalled, warning that conditions were perfect for another outbreak of the plague in the near future.

Dr. Drew said, “[I]f you look at the pictures of Los Angeles, you will see that the homeless encampments are surrounded by dumps. People defecate there, they throw their trash there, and the rats just proliferate there," adding that LA is one of the only American cities without rodent control.

He continued, “We have the sewage of 60,000 people hitting the ocean every day,” speaking about the homeless people who are defecating in the streets, which then drains into the ocean.

Yikes. Why aren't lawmakers focused on fixing problems like this in America, rather than fighting to allow immigrants to vote and receive free healthcare? Seems backwards to me.

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