Joy Reid from MSNBC was recently given a promotion even though she is going through legal issues once again.

She is a clear example that the mainstream media cares about their agenda and their rating more than they do telling the truth.

Reid's new gig will be on a nightly show instead of her usual weekend show on the liberal media network.

But it's not all good news for Reid, because courts just found she is liable for a lawsuit after she published a fake story about a Trump supporter. The whole thing centers around this photo:

Seen in the photo is Roslyn La Liberte wearing a MAGA hat having a civil debate with a 14-year-old boy at Simi Valley city council meeting in California. Despite how La Liberte may appear, the debate was no hostile- that was confirmed by people in attendance as well at the 14-year-old who rushed to the woman's defence after liberals put their'spin' on it.

The photo was shared on Twitter with caption that read, “‘You are going to be the first deported’ [and] ‘dirty Mexican’ [w]ere some of the things they yelled they yelled [sic] at this 14 year old boy. He was defending immigrants at a rally and was shouted down. Spread this far and wide this woman needs to be put on blast.”

Reid retweeted the post on June 29th adding her own spin:

"He showed up to a rally to defend immigrants . . . . She showed up too, in her MAGA hat, and screamed, “You are going to be the first deported” . . . “dirty Mexican!” He is 14 years old. She is an adult. Make the picture black and white and it could be the 1950s and the desegregation of a school. Hate is real, y’all. It hasn’t even really gone away."

Reid then published her warped version of the post again of Facebook and Instagram, just to make sure all of her followers saw it. She also included a photo of a desegregated school from 1957 to add flare. Reid then, again, added more caption this time that read:

"It was inevitable that this [juxtaposition] would be made. It’s also easy to look at old black and white photos and think: I can’t believe that person screaming at a child, with their face twisted in rage, is real. By [sic] every one of them were. History sometimes repeats. And it is full of rage. Hat tip to @joseiswriting. #regram #history #chooselove"

On Wednesday the Second Circuit courts determined that La Liberte is a limited public figure. Meaning, if not for Reid's 'exposer', we would not know her name. La Liberte has lost clients because of Reid's actions and the courts decision leaves her vulnerable to a lawsuit. Court records show that as a private citizen, La Liberte only has to show that Reid was negligent:

"No one argues that La Liberte is an all-purpose public figure; the question is whether she became a limited purpose public figure with respect to California’s sanctuary-state law (SB 54), that is, did she “thrust [herself] to the forefront” of the controversy, “invite attention and comment[,] . . . [and] assume special prominence in [its] resolution.” Khawar v. Globe Int’l, Inc., 19 Cal. 4th 254, 263 (Cal. 1998) (internal quotation marks omitted) (quoting Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc., 418 U.S. 323, 345, 351 (1974)). The district court answered affirmatively because La Liberte “attended and spoke about SB 54 at multiple city council meetings” and “appeared in a photograph in the Washington Post about the SB 54 controversy” one month before the Simi Valley Council Meeting.


Since La Liberte was not a limited purpose public figure, the district court erred by requiring her to allege actual malice, and her claim as to the June 29 Post should not have been dismissed for failing to do so. On remand, the district court may assess whether La Liberte adequately alleged that Reid acted negligently with respect to that post, the standard for private-figure plaintiffs. See Khawar, 19 Cal. 4th at 274; Brown v. Kelly Broadcasting Co., 48 Cal. 3d 711, 742 (Cal. 1989) (“[A] private person need prove only negligence (rather than malice) to recover for defamation.”)."

There is an interesting note on the court documents that reveal Reid likely knew the information she was sharing was fake: “The court reasoned that ‘it is plausible that [Reid] learned about the falsity of the content of the July 1 Post before publication,’ including by way of emails from La Liberte’s son.” This would mean that La Liberte's son wrote Reid to correct her before she made the posts on Facebook and Instagram even after the reshare on Twitter.

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