And so it has begun again. The media is trying to be slick and go back and edit stories, headlines, and even tweets when they've been busted on. Either something they wrote didn't take the coronavirus seriously or it was just straight-up fake news.

The New York Times, Vox, and Buzzfeed are all trying to fix all their fake news they've been putting out. It's too bad CNN doesn't at least do this, they just really don't care at all. They'll just leave it that way.

Buzzfeed put out a headline in January titled, Don’t Worry About The Coronavirus. Worry About The Flu". They then published and "update" to the story and changed ti title to “Here’s What We Do And Don’t Know About The Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak.

They say that they decided to change it because their understanding of the pandemic has changed.

Don’t Worry About The Coronavirus. Worry About The Flu,” a Jan. 28 article from Buzzfeed was originally titled. The publication re-visited this article and edited it on March 16, adding an “update” that “we have decided to change the headline in order to reflect our current understanding of the pandemic.”

“Update: This story was originally published with a different headline comparing the effect of the coronavirus outbreak in the US to the flu,” a note at the top of the article reads. “The headline, and the story, was based on information available in late January. Because the story is still being widely shared, we have decided to change the headline in order to reflect our current understanding of the pandemic.”

What they're saying is that they were wrong and reported fake news. They didn't actually do all their research first. Shoot first, ask questions later right?

Now let's talk about how bad Vox messed up.

Following the travel ban with China that President Trump initiated, Vox posted a tweet saying, “It this going to be a deadly pandemic? No.

The outlet deleted the tweet March 24th after it “no longer reflects the current reality of the coronavirus story.”

The New York Times is also very quietly editing its coronavirus map headline. Originally the headline of the map read, “Wuhan Coronavirus.” How racist of them right? The map has now been relabeled the “Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak.”

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