Michelle Obama Reveals Her 'Terrifying' Fear Heading Into 2024

Michelle Obama, a former first lady, shared that she worries about the upcoming 2024 presidential election. She said, "We cannot take this democracy for granted."

She was on Jay Shetty's podcast called "On Purpose." The show was released on Monday. It usually talks about mental health, but they talked about politics when Michelle Obama was asked what worries her the most.

The host asked her, "What is the thing that keeps you up at night now, or what is your biggest fear now, after having overcome so many?"

Michelle Obama replied that her worry is more about the world than herself. She mentioned that knowing too much can be overwhelming. Being married to a former president, who knew a lot about the world, sometimes makes her want to stop thinking about it all.

Michelle Obama talked about many worries she has. These include wars in different places, the future of artificial intelligence, climate change, and how many people will vote. But the most important worry for her is the upcoming presidential election in America.

She said these issues keep her awake because she can't control them. She wonders about our role in these problems and what will happen in the next election. Michelle Obama is very scared about the future because our leaders are very important. She believes that the person we choose to lead us affects our lives in big ways that people often don't think about.

Michelle Obama said that some people think the government doesn't do much. But she believes the government does "everything for us." She stressed that we should not take our democracy for granted.

She is worried that people sometimes don't value democracy enough. This concern is one of the main things that keeps her awake at night.

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