Despite DNA testing proving a kid isn't his, there is a Houston man forced to pay $65,000 of child support. Despite the scientific proof the system calls him a 'deadbeat dad.' It appears that Texas law does not care about the science.

Gabriel Cornejo is the man who is facing this disaster of a situation. He may only have one choice left and that is paying the $65,000 in child support for the child he has met only one time and that was last year.

Per ABC13:

"I never thought in my whole life I would have to defend myself or something that I am innocent of," Cornejo said.

He's already a father of his own three kids and is raising two of his brother's. Last year, a deputy showed up at his door with court papers telling him the state of Texas thinks he has another child.

"She turned out to be 15 or 16 years old at the time," Cornejo said.

Cornejo claims he never knew. He set out to meet his then 16-year-old daughter for what he says was the first time.

"[She's] a wonderful girl," Cornejo said. "Very smart. A lot going on for herself."

He, his wife and the ex-girlfriend he broke up with 16 years ago all agreed he should get a DNA test. He did.

"The results came in," Cornejo said. "I'm not the father."

That seems that would be the end of the case, but it's not. Not even close.

Not only does Cornejo's ex-girlfriend want the money, but she has the state of Texas on her side.

Back in 2003, Cornejo's ex-girlfriend went to the courts and claimed that Cornejo is the only person who is a possibility of being the father. At this point the state of Texas started piling up child support payments at this point. They now total $65,000. Court records suggest that Cornejo was subpoenaed years ago, but Cornejo denies this claim. He also claims he was never informed about the child support payments starting.

Unless Cornejo and his lawyer and get the judge to take a second look at the case, he will still owe all of this money. It appears he may have two options: pay the child support or go to jail. He will find out when the case comes back to court in August.

Watch the video for more details.

Man Forced to Pay $65,000 of Child Support For Kid That Isn't His

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