While listening to a feminist vegetarian explain why meat-eating reinforces "toxic masculinity," Jesse Waters eats a steak that was just delivered to him.

Professor Anne DeLessio-Parson began the conversation by stating that meat eating is one of many different individual behaviors that brings out masculine qualities that create negative societal consequences. Jesse Waters knew exactly how to handle this situation, with a little help from a chef backstage.

Jesse Waters Eats A Steak

Per Daily Caller:

“Eating meat holds a lot of symbolism and it’s really too much to explain in four minutes,” Parsons says before explaining that all of our “individual level decisions” are “fundamentally political acts.”

Watters’s response is interrupted as a woman enters the set carrying a plate baring a steak and side of vegetables.

“So I’m having a steak right now because I’m starving,” Watters announces.

The Pennsylvania State University academic goes on to lecture Watters on the ethics of meat eating and at one point advocates for “universal health care for animals” as Watters continues to enjoy his meal.

How funny is this? You can tell Watters knows the woman is spouting out foolishness, but he keeps his cool. It doesn't hurt that he is delivered a delicious looking steak midway through the conversation to occupy him.

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