Cristhian Bahena Rivera, and illegal immigrant, has been charged with raping and murdered Mollie Tibbets. Now he is claiming that his "constitutional rights" have been violated.

My question, is what constitutional rights? He is not an America citizen, therefore he does not have any rights under our constitution. However, he did kill an American citizen, and thinks he deserves the rights that he took away from her? Doesn't work that way.

Rivera brutally attacked Tibbets before he raped and murdered her. He then left her body in a corn field. When he was arrested, he then confessed to police that he killed her, and took them to where her body was.


Law enforcement of Today reports:

As we explained in August, authorities say that Rivera was living in an area of Iowa surrounded by ‘sanctuary’ cities, in which local law enforcement entities cannot assist with immigration officials. According to reports, the Rivera had a stolen ID and Social Security card and worked on a local Iowa dairy farm.

The attorneys Chad and Jennifer Frese who are representing Rivera in his murder trial explained in August that the suspect had his constitutional rights violated when local Iowa authorities questioned him without making it clear that he could have contacted the Mexican consulate before speaking to anyone.

According to his attorneys, “Providing this information to [Rivera]— a confused, exhausted and vulnerable Mexican national was seeking trustworthy help — would have triggered an invocation of consular notification and a decision to await the consulate’s assistance before making any other statements."

Mollie Tibbetts

Fox News reports, “Rivera’s defense attorneys have argued that while he was being questioned, he showed signs of being confused and exhausted and might have even fallen asleep. The suspect’s attorneys also questioned why investigators brought Department of Homeland Security agents with them to Rivera’s workplace.”

I find it interesting that Rivera acts as if he doesn't understand things, but he seems to fully understand American law and the constitutional rights of American citizens.

We need to deport illegal immigrants and build the wall. Anyone who is here illegally does not have any kind of constitutional right, and is breaking the law just by being on our soil.

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