The health issues of Hillary Clinton have been well documented. Well now Hillary with yet another bizarre seizure-like moment. This happened while she was taking a question from a reporter.

This happened when she was asked bout her running mate, Tim Kaine's, preparation for the debate. It looks as if she is having involuntary bobbing of the head, followed by a quick spasm. After the spasm she seems to recover.

The American Mirror has speculated that this could yet another sign of Parkinson's. They are not the only ones to draw this same speculation.

Here are some symptoms of Parkinson's: “stiff muscles, difficulty with bodily movements, involuntary movements, muscle rigidity, problems with coordination and rhythmic muscle contractions."

There have been many viral videos about Hillary's health since August. The clip below shows many of her strange movements after different events.

The concerns of her health grew even more when she became ill and needed assistance getting into a van on 9/11. She completely collapsed and this was when people started really thinking her team is not being honest about her health.

Hillary With Yet Another Bizarre Seizure-like Moment

What do you think about Hillary's health? Are her health issues still a "right wing conspiracy" as the mainstream media describes them? If you think Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president, then like and share on Facebook.

Hillary With Yet Another Bizarre Seizure-like Moment

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