Bill Clinton has shown many times that he is a total scumbag, but this is different. This video shows Bill Clinton commits a crime that SHOULD result in life in prison.Check out the video for more details.

Pretty crazy that the Clintons pull this stuff. He intimidated Loretta and dictated the terms of the FBI investigation. He basically told her what she is going to do and the scary part is that she listened. Then after the meeting, Bill Clinton was proud that once he revealed his true intentions, she was sweating and shaking. Also, this meeting resulted in a promise that everything was OK with regards to the email investigation.

The picture of Bill Clinton going to jail is a picture that would be great to see. Additional to that, Hillary Clinton should be joining him so the public does not have to deal with their lies.

The problem with stories like this is that it is difficult getting this news to the public. Why is it so difficult? Because the Clintons own the media. We need your help to get this story out to the masses. Please, like and share on Facebook if you are tired of the Hillary Clinton lies and scandals.

Bill Clinton Commits a Crime that SHOULD Result in Life in Prison

Bill Clinton Commits a Crime that SHOULD Result in Life in Prison

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