Today, President Trump pulled the healthcare bill before it came up short of getting the votes necessary to be passed. The plan, known as 'Ryancare' was set to replace Obamacare, but it left many of the Republicans divided. The healthcare bill failure was a landmark moment of the Trump administration. Or was it?

Maybe President Trump gave Paul Ryan enough rope to hang himself. It's no secret that Paul Ryan has set out to take Trump down since the beginning. Maybe this is Trump putting a genius plan to have Paul Ryan "repealed and replaced." Remember what Trump spoke of in "The Art of the Deal"?

This guy think so...

Breitbart mentioned an author who reported on this:

Exactly two weeks ago, this author predicted the defeat of the American Health Care Act – and explained it was a step towards the final, actual deal that will repeal and replace Obamacare.

President Donald Trump faces three irreconcilable factions: the GOP establishment, conservatives, and Democrats. He must bring them together — to “deliver the goods,” a key rule in The Art of the Deal. But first he must show them “the downside” — and convince them they will fail on their own.

So he let them make the first move — and he exposed two things about them: first, that they had not come up with a plan that was ready for prime time; second, that they had not done any of the political legwork necessary to sell their plan to voters.

Trump gave Speaker Paul Ryan and the House Republican leadership enough rope to hang themselves. Instead of dictating terms to him, they will now depend on him to save them, politically. They must accept whatever plan he will put forward.

But Trump will not make the next move. He will let the conservatives move first. They are the big winners in the first round — much more so than the Democrats, who are enjoying the spectacle of Republican dysfunction but have no role to play yet.

The conservatives will proceed with their demand for a full repeal of Obamacare. And then they will face the ire of voters who are deeply unhappy with Obamacare but upset about losing the paltry, expensive health insurance they currently have.

That, too, will strengthen Trump, and convince conservatives they need his leadership.

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There are many times when everyone had no idea what Donald Trump is doing, when he comes out of nowhere with brilliance. Could this be another situation like that? It will be interesting to find out what happens when the resolution to healthcare in America is established.

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