Once again, liberals are trying to pin something on the Russians that makes literally no sense to blame on the Russians. This time, it's billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's death.

Actor Alec Baldwin is crying that  Epstein was murdered by the Russian state, and added that they are now in "charge of everything" since Donald Trump is president. All I gather from the constant attention being thrown to Russia is that Democrats are responsible for a lot of dirty deeds and want to throw people off their trail.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about Epstein's untimely "suicide". He was found dead in his cell on Saturday, which is interesting considering he was allegedly under 24/7 suicide watch.  Many people believe the Clintons had something to do with his death, considering they were in the spotlight if Epstein spoke.

However, dead men can't speak.

“The Russians killed Epstein,” Baldwin tweeted on Sunday, “They’re in charge of everything now.”


Give it a break! As if a two year investigation of a Russian collusion and Russian interference with our election being closed wasn't enough. There is NO correlation to any of this nonsense and Russia. It is purely the dirty Democrats at work, per usual.

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