George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley appeared on Fox News. He went over President Trump's options after the FBI raided his attorney, Michael Cohen. Turley warned Trump that he needs to tread lightly.

Turley warned there could be a scenario where Cohen is being used as bait to trip him up in his dealings with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Per Daily Caller:

“The president has to be very careful,” Turley said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday. “The greatest danger that he faces is not Michael Cohen as a defendant but Michael Cohen as bait. The president was actually in a fairly safe place 48 hours ago. He was following his attorney’s advice. He was prepping for a negotiated and limited interview with Mueller. And then suddenly this happens. And in many ways this could be as cunning as it is hostile on the part of Rod Rosenstein.”

“It has a real threat for the president,” Turley continued. “It expands the investigation, involves the southern district that can prosecute it. But if the president reacts aggressively, he could end up triggering a far more serious problem for himself and his presidency.”

Turley believes Trump opened himself up to this by not cutting ties with Cohen fast enough and by not ending the Stormy Daniels litigation.

“I think quite frankly the president laid himself open for this,” Turley said. “For months some of us have been saying he needed to sever his contacts with Michael Cohen. Who charitably is not the most respected attorney in terms of his conduct. And he also needed to get out of the Stormy Daniels litigation. Neither of those things have happened. And the costs are mounting.”

There are times when President Trump needs to be careful, such as this situation, but unfortunately that doesn't appear to be something Donald Trump is capable of doing. It's clear that if he reacts angrily and fires Mueller, it could make things even more dangerous and one-sided than things are for him now.

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