Let's take a moment to forget about the coronavirus. It's literally the only thing that we've been seeing in the news lately.

Instead, let's revisit the impeachment mess from earlier this year.

While all of the hearings were going on, Fox News reported a bit of fake news themselves and the left ended up having a premature celebration over it.

It all started when House Intelligence Committee Chairmen Adam Schiff and his crew the hearing to go hold a news conference.

Schiff thought that they had a bombshell and wanting to hold an immediate news conference to push the story that Ambassador Sondland’s testimony beyond a shadow of a doubt proves that there was a quid pro quo.

Of course, we know that there was no quid pro quo.

But the incident with Fox News occurred when Ken Starr made an appearance on Fox News to discuss Sondland's testimony.

Reporter Jennifer Griffin reported, “Ken Starr, lead prosecutor in Clinton impeachment hearings: 'There is now proof that the President (Trump) committed the crime of bribery…This has been one of those bombshell days.'”

I'm sure you can imagine that the liberal media had a field day touting that story...the only thing is it wasn't true.

This is what Starr actually said:

Griffin ended up deleting the tweet and clarified what was actually said, but the damage was already done.


This is the modern media in a microcosm. There is no premium placed upon being correct. The currency of the realm is quick and outrageous. In fact, Griffin’s tweet leaves one wondering just how such an error was even made, what the editorial controls are on reporters tweeting news as part of their work, and the extent to which anyone even cares so long as the tweet can achieve “viral” or “trending” status.

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