CNN has been having an extremely difficult time keeping its head above water given all the scandals and lawsuits going on with the fake news network, but they seem to be really bleeding money.

The news outlet has been losing loads of money after the continual decline in ratings and viewership, but on top of that they had to settle a lawsuit with Nick Sandmann, the kid who gained unwanted popularity by being the kid from Covington Catholic School which CNN decided to slander.

They settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount.

Not only that, but they just agreed on another settlement agreement in which the network will have to pay $76 million in back pay to union employees.

There's no telling how long CNN will actually survive. I'm sure that they probably have people like Soros backing them so they'll never run out of money. They are one of his propaganda machines.

They constantly lie, they treat their employees like garbage, they create fake's just terrible.

The settlement demonstrates the Board’s continued commitment to enforcing the law and ensuring employees who were treated unfairly obtain the monetary relief ordered by the Board,” general counsel Peter B. Robb said. A representative for CNN did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

The dispute first started in 2003 after CNN terminated its contract with Team Video Services, which provided CNN video services in Washington D.C. and New York. CNN then hired new employees for the same job without bargaining with the two unions that represented TVS employees. The NLRB said that CNN was trying to operate as a nonunion workplace, telling workers that their prior employment with TVS and union affiliation disqualified them from employment.

“After more than a decade of litigation, negotiation and appeals we are pleased to have resolved a longstanding legal matter,” said a CNN spokesperson.

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