Fox News Host Censored By Biden Administration and Calls it a 'Badge of Honor'

On Tuesday's episode of "Fox & Friends First", OutKick host Tomi Lahren responded to reports that the White House had requested social media companies to censor her posts about her reasoning for not getting the COVID vaccine last year. The emails revealed a White House staff member expressing dissatisfaction with the insufficient "reduction" actions on Lahren's posts.

TOMI LAHREN: If the Biden administration wants to silence or censor me, I wear that like a badge of honor. It means I'm doing something right. But what's really concerning here is how quickly Facebook responded that they are going to run this down.

You've got the White House digital director, Rob Flattery, by the way, saying that he wants to reduce voices like mine. And Tucker Carlson for our opinions on Facebook and Facebook readily moves to make sure that their reduction is sufficient. I'd also like to remind everybody that what I was saying about vaccines wasn't even that they weren't safe, that they weren't effective. A lot of things that we are now questioning.

Back in April of 2021, I simply shared across all of my social media platforms that I will personally choose to remain unvaccinated. But anybody can make their own personal choice. At the time, it was speaking out against any mandates that were forthcoming, and that was so terrifying. The White House digital director wanted to reduce me on Facebook. That should be terrifying for all Americans, whether they support the vaccine or not. That is a problem.

This is just another instance of the federal government utilizing technology companies to infringe on first amendment rights.

The close ties that Flaherty had with Facebook, as he mentioned a phone call, allowed him to reach out and request for the suppression of dissenting views.

Sure enough, a few hours later, he received a response indicating that Facebook was "looking into it"

Private company's censorship of users at the request of the government goes against the First Amendment. However, for Biden and some of his left-leaning allies, freedom of speech is not a priority.

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