Joe Digenova appears as a guest on Tucker Carlson tonight Wednesday night. The former US Attorney says Director Comey should be fired.

Director Comey admitted that Huma Abedin was forwarding classified email to her husband's personal computer. When knowledge of this surfaced today, it created more outrage among everyone that wants everyone in this entire scandal to be held accountable. This includes FBI Director James Comey.

Joe Digenova: “I got mildly nauseous today listening to his testimony one more time. James Comey is a danger to the country. He surrounds himself with his own cult of personality. He believes he is the righteous, last righteous man left standing.

When he held that news conference on July 5th and accused Hillary Clinton and then exonerated her, he violated every rule and regulation of the Department of Justice.

He should have been fired that day. He should never have been permitted to stay after the inauguration. He should be fired now for the testimony that he has given over the last few months.

That July 5th news conference was the original sin…”

The million dollar question: How in the heck is James Comey still the director of the FBI? He is a danger to this country, just as Digenova says. If you remember the press conference where Comey confirmed that Hillary committed every crime in the book and then exonerated her, then you agree.

Watch the video where Joe Digenova goes after Director Comey.

Former US Attorney Says Director Comey Should be Fired!

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