Former McDonald's Corporate Chef Reveals One Big Problem With Double Big Mac

A sizeable portion of the hours I've wasted on TikTok were dedicated to viewing former McDonald's corporate chef Mike Haracz. He reveals insider information about topics ranging from preparation of McDonald's to how to clone some of their menu items at home.

The former coprorate chef had some thoughts on the upcoming re-release of a popular McDonald's burger.

Get ready, McDonald's fans! The Double Big Mac is making a comeback. Imagine, four beef patties towering in your burger. It's the Big Mac on steroids!

January 24 marks its return. It's the first time since 2020, and it's a limited-time treat. Available nationwide, but only at participating spots.

Here's the catch: adding new items is a gamble. And the Double Big Mac? It's already causing a stir online. Why? It's a beef bonanza, and not everyone's loving it.

Haracz calls it a "monstrosity." Their beef? The "double" concept. The original has two patties, one cheese slice. The Double? Four patties, still one cheese slice.

"Double it, double the cheese," says @chefmikeharacz. The internet agrees. More cheese, less meat overload, please!

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But hey, no one's arguing about the bread. Three layers are plenty.

McDonald's loves to double up. McDouble, Double Cheeseburger, Double Quarter Pounder. But the cheese? Always a wild card.

Public verdict? @chefmikeharacz is onto something. More cheese, more joy. McDonald's, are you listening?

Mark your calendars, Big Mac lovers. January 24th is the day to go out and grab the iconic sandwich with double the meat.

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