Costco Under Scrutiny For Selling 'Dupe' of Viral Item for Over 80% Cheaper Than the Original

Costco's done it again! They've got a mirror that's a dead ringer for one at Anthropologie, but guess what? It's way cheaper.

While Anthropologie's mirror costs a whopping $1,198, Costco's version is a steal at $149.99. And the internet is going wild over it!

A TikTok video on @costcohotfinds showcasing Costco's Ravena Floor Mirror has exploded with 1.4 million views. People are scrambling to snag this decorative gem.

It's a biggie, standing 65 inches tall and 30 inches wide, tipping the scales at about 45 pounds. And it's priced around $150.

Here's the scoop: Costco's mirror is the twin of a famous floor-length mirror from Anthropologie, known as the Luisa Mirror. Anthropologie's is a bit larger, but hey, style-wise, they're like mirror images!

But wait, there's more. Sam's Club has jumped into the mirror game too, with a gold-finished beauty. It's 72 inches tall, 36 inches wide, and weighs 59 pounds.

The mirror battle has sparked a frenzy among Costco and Sam's Club fans. They're all over TikTok, comparing notes.

One TikTok user gushed, "I can't leave Costco with just ONE item!!" Another chimed in about Sam's Club's version, "I'm IN LOVE!!"

Costco's version, however, is flying off shelves. It's getting tough to find in stores, and many locations aren't restocking.

Mirror enthusiasts are torn. Some swear by Costco's, while others lean towards Sam's Club's.

"I'm a Costco girl, but my heart belongs to my Sam’s Club mirror," one fan admitted. Another confessed, "I usually pick Costco, but Sam’s Club's mirror won me over!"

So, if you're eyeing that Costco mirror, you might want to hustle. It's disappearing faster than your reflection in a funhouse mirror!

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