As Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida, there is a lot of help needed. These Florida volunteers stepped up and rescued Air Jordans from Hurricane Irma.

You know, it's a good thing someone stepped up and busted into the Foot Locker and saved these poor Air Jordans. It's very possible that if they weren't saved the rising flood waters could have ruined them. Now they can be in the hands of solid individuals who will give them proper treatment.

As usual, Mark Dice kills it. Watch the video.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media refuses to believe that there are actual looters during these natural disasters. For instance, Snopes went on the offensive when it comes to the looters in Houston. According to this article, the Twitter users from Houston who were encouraging looters to target Trump supporters were fake Twitter accounts. They were even nice enough to do a Think Americana name drop.

I lack the time and resources to figure out if those were actually fake accounts, but just in case I put a warning up on the original article. Sorry if we misled anyone with the information in that article. If those are, in fact, fake accounts it's pretty despicable that someone is willing to put that much time and energy into pretending to encourage looters to target Trump supporters.

Either way, these Air Jordan rescuers are legit. It's disgusting that in the face of a natural disaster "people" will take this type of action to gain from it.

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