In the past few weeks anthem protests have been at an all-time high. This detracts from the real story. The empty NFL stadiums. Is this a coincidence? Not only have the ratings plummeted but many of these games are being played in half-empty stadiums.

Sunday there were many photos on social media that made this even more evident. Check out a few of them.

Empty NFL Stadiums

The first game we will look out is the showdown between the NFC West-leading Los Angeles Chargers. They are taking on the rival Seahawks. Surely people will show up for that game, right? Wrong!

Then there's the New York Giants. They have to have enough people at their games, right? I mean they are the NEW YORK Giants. Nope.

How about the Miami Dolphins? Any luck there? No sir.

These are some very embarrassing photos for the NFL.

The Chargers moved to LA for this season and are regretting it already. Perhaps if all of the players weren't kneeling left and right. They have the smallest stadium in the NFL and are still unable to fill it up.

Per CBS Sports:

The Los Angeles Chargers are a very annoying football team, because they have tons of talent and cannot close out football games. They play in a tiny little stadium and should have a great fan energy there, but because no one in Los Angeles wants two professional football teams, the stands are usually empty and/or full of opposing fans.

Things are getting so bad that the Chargers are being forced to close off sections of the StubHub Center, which also happens to be the smallest stadium in the entire NFL, by covering seats with a tarp.

Well, there is probably a simple solution to the problem. Start giving the proper respect to the flag and our great nation's military. Though it could be too late. Many people have moved on from the NFL and found different ways to spend their Sundays.

It's crazy to think not long ago the NFL seemed like an unstoppable force that piled up incredible ratings. Oh how things change.

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