Many leftists have came out of nowhere to call for gun control in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. When you ask them what exactly should be done they have no idea. They just keep shouting gun control. Well we have just the guy to take care of them. Gowdy is back!

“We already have controls on what kind of guns you can have, where you can have them, when you can use them and what individuals can possess even a single bullet. So the question to me is whether or not current controls are adequate and there are two fundamental questions that you should put your finger on. What law had it existed at the time would have prevented this mass killing or another mass killing. What law, but for its lack of implementation could have prevented this. That’s one question. The other question is, among all the panoply of current gun laws, how are we doing enforcing them?”

Watch the video!

Gowdy Is Back!

Trey does a great job in this video of blowing a hole in the left's arguments. He demands that they not just try to push new legislation, but make sure the new laws would actually work in the first place.

Many from the left like to make references to "common sense gun reform." That doesn't sound too bad, does it? Well the issue with that is it's just their code word for "ban all guns."

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