Improving sleep can be achieved through various well-known methods: sticking to a consistent bedtime, utilizing blackout curtains, and refraining from using electronic devices before bed, to name a few. However, a lesser-known tip is heating up your feet.

Research suggests that those who wear socks to bed or use other techniques to warm their feet tend to drift off quicker and enjoy a more extended, uninterrupted sleep, as reported by the National Sleep Foundation in Virginia.

San Francisco-based biomedical scientist, Dr. Biquan Luo, delves into the reasons why foot-warming might enhance the quality and duration of your slumber.

"Warming the feet can have a positive impact on sleep for many people, primarily because of its effect in promoting lower core body temperature and relaxation," she said.

"As we sleep, our core temperature naturally drops as part of our circadian rhythm," she said.

"This decline starts at the beginning of sleep and reaches its lowest point during the early morning hours. Decrease of the core body temperature helps the body fall and stay asleep."

Heating the feet through methods like using a heating pad, indulging in a warm bath, utilizing a foot spa, or simply donning warm socks can lead to the dilation of blood vessels in the feet. This allows them to accommodate more blood, as elucidated by Luo.

"This dilation allows more blood to flow from other parts of the body to the feet. As a result, it can help dissipate body heat and lower the core body temperature."

The doctor notes that the feeling of warmth on the feet can induce relaxation, aiding in easier unwinding and sleep initiation.

Additionally, for those with circulatory issues, this method can be beneficial. Limited blood flow can result in feelings of coldness and numbness in the extremities, she further explained.

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