Fox News host Tucker Carlson lambasted the "privileged" executives of a collapsed bank on Tuesday for sharing "dance party" videos on social media, raising doubts about whether they were genuinely engaged in banking activities.

“The people who actually ran Signature Bank, meanwhile, the so-called bankers, did not seem to spend a lot of time banking,” Carlson said. “Of course, they didn’t need to bank, really because the Fed was guaranteeing them a never-ending torrent of cash in the form of free money. So, what did they do?”

On Sunday, Signature Bank was closed down by federal regulators, just two days after Silicon Valley Bank was seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in response to a bank run. The run occurred after the financial institution revealed a $1.8 billion loss on asset sales due to elevated interest rates. The FDIC, in collaboration with the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, announced that depositors with accounts at both banks would be able to fully recover their funds.

Carlson aired a video shared by the bank on social media, which featured a seminar on gender identity and pronouns led by Scott Shay, Signature Bank's chairman. After playing the clip, Carlson proceeded to criticize the executive.

“This was going on for years. Here, for example, is Signature Bank’s music video. Did you know banks made music videos?” Carlson asked before playing a clip from a 2011 video made by the failed bank. “Of course they did. They didn’t know what else to do with the money.”

The camera captured Carlson dancing along to the Signature Bank video, which featured a melody inspired by Katy Perry's "Firework."

“It was a dance party at Signature Bank. Bank. Like there was banking going on. It was a dance party at Signature Bank with pronouns and that’s not the only video from Signature Bank like that. You can go online and find many others, including their Broadway-inspired sketches,” Carlson said. “You could spend all day watching the videos. We just did and are better off for it.”

“But it’s not just Signature,” Carlson continued. “In fact, the guy who ran Signature was really craven and repulsive, but he’s not alone. No one at any of these banks seem to spend a lot of time banking, which the rest of us believes was the core business of the bank. At Silicon Valley Bank only a single member of the board had any experience at investment banking.”

Carlson proceeded to air a video from Silicon Valley Bank, highlighting its initiatives to provide loans to African American and Hispanic-owned businesses.

“More entitled people talking about themselves,” Carlson said while laughing sarcastically. “Let’s talk about me and my identity! It’s so interesting! Banking is boring, the Feds got that covered. Is this starting to scare you a little bit, this is what banks are actually like?”

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