Those in charge in Minneapolis and even in the state of Minnesota have almost entirely given up on trying to control the rioters.

The Governor's office even tried to negotiate with them and give them the third precinct and leave the officers to fend for themselves against the rioters.

How despicable is this? The Governor of Minnesota was willing to throw the police force to the wolves so that they wouldn't come and eat them.

As we know, the riots began after the death of Floyd, an African-American male, who died shortly after his arrest reportedly from injuries he received from being restrained by the police. In the viral video and officer has Floyd on the ground with his knee pressed into the back of Floyd's neck. Floyd was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

But these riots are no longer about the death of George Floyd. This is so much more. This is just anarchy.

Since then, local businesses have been looted, vandalized, and even torched but the mainstream media continues to call this a 'peaceful protest'. One shopping center owner had a grim warning for the governor and major who abandoned them, "people are going to surprise over this".

“What I want to tell people right now is that if the governor and the mayor are not going to take care of this problem — people will. People will uprise over this,” he told a reporter from Minneapolis NBC News affiliate KARE that the businesses being destroyed weren’t necessarily white-owned.

“Those people living, [who] make their business there: they’re Korean, they’re black people, they’re immigrants. They’ve worked their fu**ing lives off trying to make this thing happen.” He said the looters have “taken their lives away from them.”

Derek Chauvin, the former officer seen in a viral video holding Floyd on the ground with a knee on his neck, was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter Friday.

Rioting and looting occurred in several American cities Friday night and has persisted for four nights now in Minneapolis, where rioters have set fire to cars and businesses. The police force in the city even evacuated the city’s 3rd Precinct headquarters Thursday before it was set ablaze.

President Trump is giving the Governors one last chance to do something before he sends in the troops to handle this situation.

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