The way things are looking, the Democratic Party has dug itself into a hole that it's definitely not going to be able to get out of.

Self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders has promised people the world and people were attracted to his message, especially the younger generation. But there's a problem that they didn't anticipate...they are lazy and don't vote.

Now it looks like without this support group, he is going to stand no chance against Biden, which is really sad because Biden is mentally unstable and he's winning.

The Democrats have deliberately set things up again in a way that has purposely pushed Sanders out of the race and this is going to come at a consequence because the Democratic Party will split with anger at them stopping Sanders once again.

Democratic strategist James Carville had a lot to say about the predicament that the Democrats and said that it was time for Sanders to call it quits.

Carville said, “We can’t ditch these Democratic voters who are coming out saying, let’s get on with this thing. Our mission is to defeat Donald Trump. There’s a 99 [percent] chance that Vice President Biden is going on the nominee. Let’s shut this puppy down, and let’s move on and worry about November. This thing is decided. There’s no reason to keep it going, not even a day longer.”

He continued, “It’s the Democratic voters that made this decision. Vice President Biden is not trying to force him out. You’ve got to respect voters.”

Carville has opposed Bernie Sanders for quite some time. This may have played a role in why he was so amped to do this call.

Of course, this is very frustrating to Sanders supporters who had a hope that he was going to start the revolution, but in all reality, what did they really expect? Like I said, the younger generation probably aren't even registered voters and on top of that people do not want socialism in America.


Photo Credit: JD Lasica

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