Following the attack in Sri Lanka, former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have referred to the victims as "Easter worshippers."

Why not call them what they are? Hundreds of CHRISTIANS, who were killed in Sri Lanka for their faith.

Instead of just calling them what they are, Obama and Hillary created a new phrase:

What does that even mean? People don't worship Easter. Christians worship Christ on Easter. Come on, why not just call it what it is?

Andy Ngo put them on blast and asked a great question: Did the DNC send out a memo?

If so then Hillary Clinton was lucky enough to be looped in on the memo.

Let's go back to other tragedies where she had no problem calling out the other faiths who were victimized specifically:

These people were killed because they are Christians, yet the Democrats won't even acknowledge that's what they are.

This is insane.

Tommy Wong does a great job describing why Easter Worshippers makes no sense.

They should have just passed on making a statement altogether.

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