Democrat Senator 'Absolutely' Can See Himself as President

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., is eyeing the White House. He sees a chance if Biden faces health issues or Trump gets convicted. This information comes straight from a new report.

"Manchin believes a Biden health scare or a Trump conviction could be his ticket to run as an independent," CNN revealed.

Manchin, confident and ambitious, tells CNN he can "absolutely" see himself as President. He's reminding voters about his pivotal role in Biden's legislative successes.

Here's the twist: Manchin often breaks ranks with Democrats. Remember his 2021 vote against the For the People Act? He's a self-proclaimed centrist, aiming to bridge divides.

But Manchin has concerns. He fears a second Biden term could mean a return of "far, far-left liberals" to the White House. His potential third-party run is making waves, especially among the left.

Trump running again in 2024? Manchin finds that deeply troubling. He's worried about the country's future and what it means for the next generations.

People close to Manchin say this isn't just talk. He's touring the nation, stepping outside the Washington bubble.

Manchin's role in the Senate has been crucial. As a Democrat in a predominantly red state, his 2018 win was a game-changer. It kept the Senate balance delicate.

Abortion is another hot topic for Manchin. He's navigating this divisive issue, questioning the wisdom of further polarizing the nation.

Post-Super Tuesday, Manchin hints at a third-party run. With Trump's recent victories, the stage is set for an intense political showdown.

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