'Baywatch' Star Reveals Her Big Regret: 'A stupid 18-year-old decision'

Nicole Eggert, famed "Baywatch" actress, wasn't thrilled about the constant swimsuit scenes. In a frank interview, she revealed how the show pushed her towards plastic surgery, a choice she now rues.

Season three marked Eggert's entry into "Baywatch." She was shocked on day one. "Oh my God, we’re going to be in a bathing suit all day every day?" Eggert recalled to People magazine. She hadn't expected this; she thought she was auditioning for a high school spinoff.

Feeling exposed and compared to co-stars like Pamela Anderson, Eggert was uncomfortable. "All the girls were super tiny and fit," she said. The iconic red swimsuit? Not her choice. "I didn’t want to wear it at all," she admitted.

Eggert left the show after two seasons, but not before a major change.

She underwent plastic surgery at 18 during a "Baywatch" break. "I regret it now," she confided. Eggert reflected on her younger self's decision, wishing she had appreciated her body more.

Post-"Baywatch," Eggert had multiple breast surgeries. In 2015, she sought a reduction on "Botched." Then, a health scare struck.

Eggert was diagnosed with stage 2 cribriform carcinoma breast cancer. Initially dismissing symptoms as menopausal, a self-exam revealed a lump. "It really was throbbing and hurting," she shared. Diagnosis was delayed due to appointment unavailability.

Both of Eggert's parents battled cancer. Now, she faces her own fight. "It's there. It needs to be taken out," she said. Her treatment plan includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Eggert expressed urgency and anxiety about removing the cancer.

In summary, Eggert's journey from "Baywatch" to battling cancer showcases her resilience and the unforeseen impacts of fame.

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