There have been a number of groups out there disguising themselves as President Trump-related organizations, like "MAGA Coalition" and "Latinos for the President". In total, around 20 groups have been taking advantage of Trump supporters.

Overall, these "Dark Groups" as they are called have collected approximately $46.7 million in small-money contributions of $20 or less.

Most of the money is kept for themselves, with very little actually going towards supporting the President. The groups only donate enough to maintain their status pro-Trump PACs.

What makes the matter even worse is that there is nothing that can be done at all about it. The best way that you can protect yourself is to remember that the only authorized PAC to collect contributions for the Trump campaign is "America First".

America First spokeswoman Kelly Sadler told Politico:

“There’s nothing we can do to stop them. This is a problem for the campaign, as well as us, as well as for the RNC.”

From The Daily Caller:

Trump officials worry that the hundreds of unofficial pro-Trump boosters are sucking up funds that would otherwise contribute to Trump’s 2020 campaign. They also confuse the Trump campaign’s messaging to the public and make it harder to accumulate donors, Trump allies told Politico.

“President Trump’s campaign condemns any organization that deceptively uses the President’s name, likeness, trademarks, or branding and confuses voters,” the Trump campaign said in a statement to Politico. “There is no excuse for any group, including ones run by people who claim to be part of our ‘coalition,’ to suggest they directly support President Trump’s reelection or any other candidates. We encourage the appropriate authorities to investigate all alleged scam groups for potential illegal activities.”

The Trump campaign has also sent letters to the Federal Election Commission and made public statements demanding that all of these groups cease operating except America First.

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