Damning Note Card is Exposed That Shows How Far Gone Joe Biden Really Is

A recent photo of a Joe Biden notecard has gone viral. The card shows an embarrassingly detailed level of instructions for a functioning adult, let alone the President of the United States.

“YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to the participants,” the note card instructed Biden. “YOU take YOUR seat.”

The photo was taken during a meeting conducted by Biden at the White House on Thursday about the Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership.

The note ends with YOU thank participants. YOU depart.

Doesn't that seem like thanking the crowd and departing should be a given? Well, not for Sleepy Joe. How embarrassing.

Joe Biden Dementia

There is growing evidence that Joe Biden, the current front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, is suffering from some form of dementia.

Biden's mental state has been called into question by a number of recent incidents, including his now-infamous "chain" story gaffe and his claim that he met with Parkland shooting survivors on the day of the shooting (he didn't).

But the most damning evidence comes from a video that recently surfaced of Biden struggling to put together a coherent sentence during a speech. In the video, which was filmed at an event in Iowa, Biden can be seen fumbling with his words and repeating himself multiple times.

This is not the first time that Biden's mental state has been called into question. In 2015, he was forced to withdraw from the presidential race after suffering a severe brain injury.

At the time, doctors said that it would take Biden some time to recover from the injury, and there is no telling how much damage was done. Given the fact that Biden is now 76 years old, it is entirely possible that his mental state has deteriorated to the point where he is no longer fit to serve as president.

We urge the media to take a closer look at Joe Biden's mental state and ask whether he is really fit to be president. The safety of our country depends on it.

25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution states that "In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President." This amendment was ratified in 1967, in the wake of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The amendment has been invoked on four occasions:

- In 1985, when President Ronald Reagan was hospitalized after being shot by a would-be assassin. Vice President George H.W. Bush became president for the duration of Reagan's hospital stay.

- In 2002, when President George W. Bush underwent a colonoscopy and Vice President Dick Cheney became president for a brief period of time.

- In 2007, when President Bush underwent surgery to remove a polyp from his colon. Vice President Cheney again became president for a brief period of time.

- In 2013, when President Barack Obama underwent a minor surgical procedure and Vice President Joe Biden became president for a brief period of time.

It is noteworthy that the 25th Amendment has never been invoked in the case of a president suffering from a mental illness. This is likely due to the fact that presidents are usually reluctant to give up power, even temporarily.

However, given the evidence that Joe Biden is suffering from some form of dementia, it might be time to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office. After all, the safety of our country depends on it.


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