This year is so insane it seems like we've fallen into the Twilight Zone and landed in Jumanji. Just when it looks like things are starting to shift toward the better off of this coronavirus epidemic, we get hit with something else.

Now Dr. Evil (Austin Powers reference) is releasing the "Murder Hornets".

Just to recap on some of what has happened this year, we had the impeachment sham of President Trump which did nothing but help conservatives by making the liberals look like the morons that they are.

Around that time we first started hearing more about the coronavirus and the effects it was having.

Then the coronavirus started spreading all across the globe and really took a toll on countries like Italy, Iran, and now the United States.

For most of us now, we've been stuck at home for anywhere from 6-8 weeks, maybe longer for some of you. We're ready to get back to our lives at least in a partial fashion and just when we think it's safe to start coming out, we start getting told about these "murder hornets"

But how worried should we be about these pests?

According to TMZ, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief, Asian "murder" hornets are highly unlikely to kill you or your loved ones ... according to wildlife expert Coyote Peterson, so you know it's legit!!!

The Animal Planet star showed up on "TMZ Live" and schooled us on the latest buzz surrounding the deadly insects threatening to wipe out human civilization and bee populations as we know them.

Coyote says don't believe the hype ... these little buggers don't even have the most painful sting in the animal kingdom -- that's reserved for the executioner Wasp -- and they're highly unlikely to kill any Americans, despite their menacing moniker and penchant for decapitating bees.

As we told you ... sightings of Asian "murder" hornets are spiking in Washington, but reports from everyday citizens are mostly false.

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SHOCKING: Pelosi Blocks Investigation of China and Origins of Virus – Dedicates All Resources into Another Hoax Investigation

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, I believe has earned the title of Public Enemy #1. Her radical behavior has had a severely negative impact on our country.

She has held American workers hostage by refusing to make a deal for a week with the stimulus package that was passed in March.

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Dr. Fauci Admits Personal Relationship With CNN, Then Throws Trump Adminstration Under The Bus

While appearing on CNN's Chris Cuomo Prime Time program, Dr. Anthony Fauci, admitted that he has a personal relationship with Cuomo.

This revelation comes at the same time that we have Dr. Fauci, as well as others, trying to downplay how coronavirus got started and trying to steer away from the idea that it originated in a lab in Wuhan, China.

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Texas Mother Arrested for Re-Opening Salon: 'Feeding My Kids Isn't Selfish'

A Dallas, Texas mother was arrested and fined for re-opening her hair salon before the lockdown was lifted. When the judge gave her an opportunity to avoid jail time by admitting that she was wrong and apologizing for her actions, she responded that "feeding my kids is not selfish."

Good on her! I agree! There is absolutely nothing selfish or wrong for taking care of her family. In fact, I wish more business owners would go ahead and open.

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Michigan House, Senate Sue Governor Whitmer for Overreach of Power

The Michigan House of Representatives and Senate have banded together to sue their power hungry governor, Gretchen Whitmer. This drastic measure has taken place after she bypassed legislature in order to extend the state's emergency declaration.

“Only the Legislature has the power to extend the state of emergency,” House Speaker Lee Chatfield told reporters on Wednesday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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West Virginia Governor Drops F-Bomb During Live Briefing, Claims it was a Glitch

Being a native West Virginian, my Facebook feed was abuzz on Monday. This was because West Virginia Governor Jim Justice appeared to drop an f-bomb during a live press briefing.

Funny thing is, though, Governor Justice denies it. He very strongly denies it.

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California Governor Gavin Newsom Hit with Huge Lawsuit Over $75 Million Stimulus for Illegal Immigrants - And It was DENIED by California Court

Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom was stopped from handing out over $75 million in taxpayer funder to illegal aliens when he was hit with a massive lawsuit.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit on Tuesday. They also filed a temporary restraining order on Newsom, keeping him from spending the $79.8 million on people living in this country illegally.

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