College Basketball Game Was Ready to Start But One Team Forgot One Very Important Thing

The college basketball game between Florida and Texas A&M, scheduled for Wednesday night, was delayed because the Texas A&M Aggies were missing a crucial item: their uniforms.

When the Aggies arrived at the arena for the game against Florida, they discovered an issue with their uniforms during their warm-up. They were not in the locker room as expected, but left at the team's hotel. As a result, a team manager had to rush back to the hotel to fetch the uniforms. Both teams took advantage of the additional time to further warm up.

Texas A&M incurred a technical foul before the game due to their error.

The announcers made some jokes about the delay during the broadcast.

Tom Hart, one of the announcers, made a jest at the beginning of the broadcast, "We're not exactly certain how long this delay will be. However, we do know that they ruled out playing shirts and skins, so we'll wait."

As a consequence of the delay, Texas A&M received an administrative technical foul, and Florida took the lead before the start of the game. This was the SEC opener for the Aggies, while Florida had already lost to Auburn in league play.

“95 percent of teams ion college basketball warm-up in a shooting shirt, with an under-shirt underneath it. They don’t go back and out their jersey on until they until they clear the floor for the last time before the national anthem,” commentator Jimmy Dykes explained

It is probable that this will be the last time Texas A&M arrives at the arena without their uniforms. The situation is amusing, unless you are the equipment manager who likely broke multiple traffic rules while hurrying back and forth to the arena with the uniforms.

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