Colin Kaepernick Snubbed From NFL Anthem Meeting…Or Was He? – VIDEO

The NFL had a meeting between owners and players on Tuesday to discuss the anthem protests. The best part? Colin Kaepernick wasn’t invited.

NFL players and owners met up and discussed a variety of different social issues as well as the anthem.

The lawyers who represent Kaepernick, Geragos & Geragos, put out a statement on Tuesday afternoon and said that many players wanted him in the meetings. They also pointed out the former 49ers quarterback was up for participating in the next meeting. Thanks for your input!

It’s funny these people think a player not in the league should even be considered to go to a meeting between players and owners. The point of the meeting is for current players to air their grievances with the league. Remember one key thing. Kaepernick is not a current player.

It just doesn’t make sense for a quarterback not in the league to be at the meeting. If the goal of the meeting was how to find more ideas to turn the fanbase completely against the league and its players.

It was the right choice by the NFL to not have Kaepernick there. It was also the very easy choice. The only thing he would have served as at this meeting was to be a distraction.

Despite this there is a different video that tells a different story. Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles claims that Kaepernick was invited to the meeting today.

So who’s telling the truth? What does Kaepernick have to gain by claiming to not have been invited when he was? Obviously he could still be pushing the victim card, but if he was invited he had to know that would obviously come to light. He seriously couldn’t be that dumb could he?

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