CNN is still desperate to use anything against President Trump. On Wednesday their latest bombshell, Cokegate, was when they "caught" Trump politely asking for a Coke.

At one point during the leaked audio, Trump said to someone: "Get me a Coke, please."

The CNN headline read: "Trump caught on tape: Get me a Coke, please."

"President Trump was caught on tape ordering a Coke. Jeanne Moos reports on why that part is so popular," it said on CNN's description of the report.

Per Daily Wire:

"Have you heard the juiciest part of the Trump/Cohen tape? Incontrovertible evidence of a thirsty president living up to his daily consumption of [12 diet Cokes]," says Moos.

The segment, much like CNN's crazy and ostensibly lighthearted report on Trump ordering two scoops of ice cream, was taken as an opportunity to mock the president.

And this is not the first time CNN --The Most Trusted Name in News -- has reported on President Trump's affinity for Coke. In fact, during Wednesday's segment, clips of CNN employees mocking the president's soft drink habits were included.

If we didn't have the diligent work of the mainstream media, Cokegate would have never been uncovered.

Thank you, CNN.


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