Oprah Winfrey reached out to women who have been sexually abused, “You get a voice. You get a voice. Everybody gets a voice.” Juanita Broaddrick was allegedly raped by former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. Broaddrick fired back with a pair of white hot tweets.

First there was this tweet, which Broaddrick was replying to:

First Broaddrick fired this tweet:

She wasn't done:

This brought some sympathy from Twitter:


Per Daily Wire:

Oprah was quite willing to shill for Bill Clinton; she gave him time on her show to brag how he and Hillary saw a the rapist to work out their marital difficulties and also interviewed him for Oprah Magazine in 2004, asking him about how the Monica Lewinsky affair affected him but never asking about the rampant harassment and abuse, not to mention alleged rape, of which he had been accused.

As always Oprah only cares about the money and fame. She said what she had to in order to get more fans and support and down the line, more money. Ultimately she doesn't care about the #MeToo movement or else she would have disavowed longtime friend Harvey Weinstein and apologize for her failures in not helping women who don't have a voice in the past. But you know what? She didn't.

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