Everyday, the news headlines show us that there are crazy people in every shape, color, and form. Many times, we see those headlines coming out of Florida, but this time, a Colorado man takes the cake.

Nolan Levi Strauss pleaded guilty to a federal hate crime after he stabbed a black man in the neck while he sat in an Arby’s restaurant.

According to reports, the victim was at an Arby’s restaurant, which is conjoined to a Pilot Travel Center in Ontario, Oregon on December 21, 2019. He was sitting in a booth alone, waiting for the restaurant manager to see about a job. That’s when Strauss entered the building and walked up to the victim from behind.

Breaking 911 reports:

Suddenly, unprovoked and without warning, Strauss stabbed the man twice in the neck. The man tried to grab Strauss’s hands and take the knife, and, in the process, managed to prevent Strauss from stabbing him again. A maintenance worker approached Strauss and directed him to drop the knife several times. Finally, the stabbing victim broke free from Strauss’s grip and ran to the other side of the restaurant before collapsing on the floor. Meanwhile, the maintenance worker used a belt to secure Strauss’s hands behind his back and waited for police to arrive.

As they waited for police, the worked asked Strauss what made him stab the man and he responded, “Because he was Black, and I don’t like Black people.”

Strauss was arrested at the scene. He later admitted he was trying to kill the man because was he was Black.

As a result of Strauss’s attack, the stabbing victim suffered two lacerations to his neck. He was evaluated in Ontario and subsequently life-flighted to a hospital in Boise, Idaho for emergency surgery.

“The defendant is being held accountable for his vicious, racially-motivated attack on a Black man who was targeted because of the color of his skin,” said Justice Department Civil Right’s Division Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke. “Racially motivated acts of violence must not be tolerated in our country today. The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice will continue to work with our federal, state and local partners to ensure that individuals who commit bias motivated crimes are brought to justice for their actions.”

“This crime serves as a horrifying reminder that racism and bigotry still exist and threaten the safety of communities of color,” added Acting U.S. Attorney Scott Erik Asphaug for the District of Oregon. “Hate crimes not only hurt victims, but spread fear across entire communities. This conviction should send a strong message that federal law enforcement will not tolerate hate-motivated acts of violence and will move swiftly to hold those responsible accountable.”

On Sept. 17, 2020, a federal grand jury in Eugene returned a single-count indictment charging Strauss with a hate crime involving an attempt to kill.

Strauss faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. He will be sentenced on Sept. 9 before U.S. District Court Judge Michael J. McShane.

He should definitely receive life in prison. There is absolutely no excuse for what Strauss did. We all have different shades of skin, but we all bleed the same color of red. We are human, and that should be enough. I am tired of the racial divide and hatred in the world.

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