CNN is always quick to call people out for things that they say or do which are racist, even if they're not racist. You know the liberals always need something to complain about.

However, when the shoe is on the other foot, it's all fine and dandy. Such is the case with CNN hose Alisyn Camerota when she made what many are calling a racist remark to a 12-year-old spelling bee champion.

Chris Cuomo asked the champion to spell "covfefe", which she got wrong since it's not really a word.

That's when Camerota made her remark saying, "but it is a nonsense word, so we're not sure that it's root is really in Sanskrit, which is what you're probably used to using."

Sanskrit is practically a dead language. This is pretty much a racist statement because she's assuming something about the girl based on where she thinks she's from. She was actually born and raised in California.

However, if I were the girl, it's nothing to get worked up over in my opinion. I think people need to remember that American liberals are stupid and don't know much about other cultures.

According to The Washington Post,

A CNN spokeswoman said Camoreta’s comment had nothing to do with the girl’s heritage, and the interview was not the first time the anchor joked about Sanskrit being the origin of “covfefe.”

“Alisyn made the same joking reference to the root of ‘covfefe’ in an earlier panel discussion that aired Wednesday. If she’s guilty of anything it’s recycling a joke. To assign a bias to what was a fun and innocent segment celebrating Ananya Vinay’s incredible accomplishment is frankly extremely cynical,” the spokesperson said in a statement, referring to a transcript of the Wednesday segment.

Criticism of Camerota’s comment has since been circulating on social media. Many said her comment was racist, while others were simply in disbelief that the CNN anchor had made such an assumption.

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