CNN host is Don Lemon is back and this time with his buddy analyst Marc Lamont Hill. In this video they mock any white people who believe there is discrimination against whites in the United States.

This portion of the show was based around a new NRP poll that came out on Monday and asked the question, "Generally speaking, do you believe there is or is not discrimination against (Respondent's own group identity) in America today?"

CNN host Don Lemon mocks white people.

According to the survey 92% of African-Americans believe there is generally discrimination against blacks and 55% of whites feel white people are discriminated against.

Hill and Ben Ferguson were invited on the show so they could discuss the poll, specifically the results of the white people who were polled.

Per Daily Wire:

"A new poll shows that the majority of white Americans believe there's discrimination against their race," said Lemon, already beginning to smile, while Hill shook his head. Both Lemon and Hill then began to laugh, Lemon attempting to blame Hill for starting it.

"Mark, Mark, don't start already!" said Lemon. "Let me tell about the poll first--"

"White people are amazing," interjected Hill. "White people are amazing," he repeated, demonstrating exactly what he would go on to argue doesn't exist.

After reflexively stereotyping all white people, Hill then let Lemon go on with the survey results, which he and the host would spend the next few minutes mocking. (Video of the segment here.)

"We can't get nothing? We can't even get discrimination to ourselves?" said Hill, as Lemon laughed some more. "Look, the problem is often times when you are in a position of privilege and power, when that privilege and power is taken away — even a little bit — what is actually equality feels like oppression to you, it feels like discrimination to you."

Don Lemon continues to push the racist nonsense. It's only racist if you are a black person. That's the way he sees it.

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