Well, it was only a matter of time before this happens. During this interview, CNN defends Congressional shooter. "He wasn't evil, he was just tired of politics."

Sadly, this is not surprising at all. They are looking for a way to justify this shooting. How could anyone say this man is not evil? He approached a group of people and began firing bullets at them based on their political party. That's not evil? Then what is evil?

Watch the video.

CNN Defends Congressional Shooter


This is absolutely nuts that CNN went this far. I understand people are caught up in their emotions after something like this happened, but you simply cannot stay something like this.

Is anyone still questioning why their is such a strong opposition to CNN? It's pretty obvious at this point that they are completely insane and need to be ignored. Not only is CNN #FakeNews, but now they are defending a crazed lunatic who pulled up to a baseball field and fired bullets at a group. What was the reason he did this? Because they were members of the GOP. That's all.

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