It's always fun to have a laugh at CNN's expense. This CNN reporter cries about being in the back row at a Trump press conference. Poor baby!

During President Trump's latest press conference, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta had the misfortune of being put in the back row. Was this just luck of the draw or was this because Trump is fed up with CNN #FakeNews? Either way, Acosta took the chance to cry on Wolf Blitzer's shoulder about the incident. He felt he should be placed in the front row like he is accustomed to.

You can always count on an epic rant from Mark Dice.

Watch the video!

CNN Reporter Cries

Wolf Blitzer is there to relate to his friend Jim Acosta. He can't believe he wasn't placed in the front. Every other network was placed in the front, while CNN was placed in the back. This is absolutely hysterical. Didn't CNN know this was coming. They continue to publish crap news and they finally are paying the consequences for it.

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