Cleveland Browns Get One Right – Show Solidarity With Police During Anthem – VIDEO

The NFL has been facing some serious backlash for kneeling and sitting during the national anthem. Well, the Cleveland Browns get one right with this sign of solidarity with the police.

This is very different from the divisiveness that is caused by the kneeling and sitting during the anthem. It’s good to see the Cleveland Browns making an effort to unify by running out of the locker room with members of law enforcement and the military. Then they stood together with them while the national anthem played. The team was joined by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam as well as Browns management while they watch a video that consisted of players calling for unity in America.

Watch the video.

During the U.S. Air Force flyover the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Football fans all around gave an almost universally positive reaction.

Of course not everyone was united. Just outside of the stadium there were a handful of protesters that demanded the team “take a knee for the Browns.”

By and large the reaction to this was almost all positive. It’s time to give the Cleveland Browns credit for stepping up and being the one to make a big step toward bringing everyone together.

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